Whales Destroying the World: Rivals

In Rivals two whale generals fight for dominance. They will do what they can to recruit stronger warriors then their rival.

Download the rulebook: English | Česky

How to Play:

What you need:

All Whale cards (54) and Turtle cards (6) from Whales Destroying the World.


Take all red whales (18), add 3 turtles and shuffle them together. This is a one players deck. Do the same with blue whales and give the other deck to the second player.

Shuffle all grey whales (18) and put them in between players. They will compete over these cards.

Create three packs of grey whales in the middle of the table as follows:

  • pack consists of one face up card
  • pack consists of one face down card and one face up card on top of it
  • pack consists of two face down cards and one face up card on top of it

Playing the game

The goal of the game is to get grey whales with higher total value than the opponent. Game plays over three rounds. Players assign their own whale cards to the grey packs to fight over them.

! First player in their first turn plays only one card (one action). In the remaining turns players always play two cards (2 actions).

At the end of the round, the pack of grey whales goes to a player who has assigned to it whales with higher value than the opponent.

Players turn

At the beginning of every players turn they fill their hand up to 5 cards of their color. When there are no cards in their playing deck, they don’t take more. Player can do 2 actions in their turn.


  • Play a card – assign a whale card from your hand to a chosen grey pack or play a turtle to a discard pile
  • End a round

Play a card

Choose a whale card from your hand and assign it to any chosen set face down. If the value of the card (number in the right top corner) matches the value of the top card in the chosen grey pack, you can play it face up and do Exploration (doesn’t cost you an action).

One player can play up to three whale cards to one pack.


When exploring you can turn face up any opponents’ card OR secretly look at face down cards in any one of the packs in the middle of the table.


Play turtle right onto your discard pile. Choose one opponents’ face down card and discard it (onto their discard pile face up).

End of the round

Ending the round will cost you one action (you have two, so you can play a card and then end a round). You can call for the end only when both players have at least one card assigned to every pack (6 cards played in minimum).

Turn all blue and red cards face up at the end of the round. Find out who has the higher strength (value) for every pack – this player will get all grey cards from this pack. If there is a tie, simply leave grey pack on the table. In the next round you will add more cards to it. If a tie occurs during the final round (third), no one will get those grey cards.

Acquired grey whale cards only serve for counting the score. Keep them secret until the end of the game.

Discard all blue and red cards and create three new pack of grey whales just like during the setup (1, 2 and 3 cards). If there is are any packs from previous rounds, just add more cards to it with only the top face up.

The player who ended the round will be the new first player. They can play only one card in their first turn.

When both players have no cards in their hands the round automatically ends.


After the third round players count the value of their acquired grey whales and the player with a higher total value is the winner. If there is a tie the win goes to a player with less cards.