Bossin’ Space Roll & Write

Due to COVID-19 quarantine we’ve prepared a little game for you. It’s print and play (or PnP) and you will need 3 D6 dice and a pen. You can play on your own or with friends (only one of you will roll the dice and tell the results others).

The game is loosely based on our Bossin’ Space board game (coming soon). You will prepare your guns, move your ship, get experience points and shoot evil aliens from the sky.

Choose between nice color version with pictures and print-friendly version:

 V1.5 – COLOR (PDF)  V1.5 – PRINT friendly (PDF)

Let us know what you think!

 Česká verze: 

  V1 CZE – Obrázky (PDF)   V1 CZE – Šetrný tisk (PDF)

How to Play

The game plays over 8 rounds. Roll 3 six-sided dice each round and write results in “turns” boxes at the bottom of the page. Use each result (number) once on any available spot in the game. Cross number when used to better remember it.

The goal is to shoot missiles at enemies and get victory points (stars) from doing so. You will need to pay attention to every part of the game.

You can only shoot at filled (completed) enemies. When using a die, look at the chart and draw appropriate shape (you can rotate it). Each enemy shows number of health you will need to overcome by spending damage. You can get damage points in Attack by filling missiles. When using a die there, simply choose on box (missile) and use all dots (number) of a die. You cannot use a die that would exceed the box.

Some missiles generate heat. If you want to shoot these missiles, you need to have enough Cooling symbols. In cooling, when using a die, write its number to the leftmost empty spot with one rule: its value cannot be higher than the previous number.

You need to move to shoot enemies. If you want to reach enemy in “Distance: 3”, you must fill “D: 1 – 3” boxes in Move. To complete a rectangle, it needs two same numbers next to each other. And remember, you cannot use the same number in more rectangles (distances).

The final part is Science. You may use a die to cross a value and get XP point. You will get more XP point throughout the game – when completing distance in Enemy, filling some missiles in Attack, finishing rectangles in Move or reaching certain level in Cooling. When gaining XP point circle it. If you want to pay XP cross circled XP.

After 8 rounds, use your missiles (make sure you have cooling for them) to shoot at enemies (if you can reach them) and get victory points. When playing solo, ignore special rewards in Enemy for finishing distance first.