Bossin’ Space Rules

VIDEO: How to Play

Prototype Rulebook v0.1

Prototype Scenario book v0.2

VIDEO: Gameplay


The prototype has 2 scenarios. The final game will be different. There will be two versions (Basic and Kickstarter)

Basic Edition

Consist of three Bosses and variable enemies. To setup the basic game, you just choose a Boss (randomly or by choice) and randomly create an enemy deck.

This is represented by the “scenario 1” you got in our prototype box. Your deck is preconstructed, the final game will have more enemies to choose from (you will build a random deck every time you play). It even allows us to make more difficulty levels for players to choose. Also, you will be able to combine 2 bosses for extended gameplay.

Kickstarter Edition

On top of the base game, Kickstarter edition will consist of three new experiences with epic Bosses and new gameplay mechanics. There will be VERSUS mode, where one player will control the enemy side, new spaceship for players to command and other expansions to the base game.

This is represented by the “scenario 2“, where you can play one of the new experiences, dodging asteroids and chasing the Boss from the beginning.